Projects- Under Construction….

  1. Change and Damage Detection from Aerial Images. (Sponsor: Travelers)
    • Project Description: This project will perform data preprocessing and data understanding of the satellite image from Travelers, and propose change detention via Siamese Networks on pre- and post- event images. We will also develop unsupervised anomaly (change) detection on aerial images and Hail damage detection.
    • Personnel:
      Jinbo Bi (PI), Caiwen Ding (Co-PI), Dongjin Song (Co-PI);
      Shaoyi Huang (Ph.D. student), Jieren Deng (Ph.D. student), Binghao Lu (Ph.D. student), Fei Dou (Ph.D. student), Qianying Ren (Ph.D. student)
  2. Hardware Acceleration on Pretrained Deep Learning Models (To come)