Team Achievements


  • AAAI 2023: Best paper award

Postdoctoral Research Associate

List of People
Stepan GordeevPostdoctoral Research Associate

Macro Development Economist

Visiting Scholar

List of People
Cheng ChengAssistant Professor
(Morehead State University)

nanobiosensing technology to develop rapid and portable biosensing platforms.

Current Graduate Students

List of People
Ya-Sine AgrignanResearch Assistant

Machine learning, hardware

Shiyang ChenResearch Assistant
(Co-supervision with Prof. Hang Liu)

HPC, GPU, Machine Learning Acceleration

Deniz GurevinResearch Assistant
(Co-supervision with Prof. Omer Khan)

GPU, Machine Learning Acceleration

Amit HasanResearch Assistant

Model Compression, Computer Vision, Co-designing
NN Architecture and Hardware

Shaoyi HuangResearch Assistant

Algorithm/hardware co-design for ML systems

Bin LeiResearch Assistant

Machine Learning

Bingbing LiResearch Assistant
(GE fellowship)

Machine learning, NLP, algorithm, robotics and data analysis

Matthew LiResearch Assistant

Machine Learning, Frontend development, Backend development

Yuebo LuoResearch Assistant

Graph Neural Networks, SW-HW Co-design

Nicole MengResearch Assistant

Adversarial Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Hongwu PengResearch Assistant

FPGA, Machine Learning, Graph

Ronak SahuResearch Assistant

Machine Learning

Kiran ThoratResearch Assistant

Machine Learning for EDA, Graph Neural Networks

Xi XieResearch Assistant


Zhanfu YangResearch Assistant
(Co-supervision with Prof. Hang Liu)

Machine Learning, Graph Learning

Jiahui ZhaoResearch Assistant

Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing

Shanglin ZhouResearch Assistant

Model Compression, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Current Undergraduate Students

List of People
Charitarth ChughUndergraduate Research Assistant

Self-driving Cars, Reinforcement Learning

Kim JiwonUndergraduate Research Assistant

Machine learning


List of People
Maryam AbuissaREU student (Summer 2023)
Alexander ChandyUndergraduate Research Assistant

Machine learning

Nathan ChoiUndergraduate Research Assistant
(Now CS graduate student in UC Berkeley)

Machine learning

Jieren DengResearch Assistant

Machine Learning, Security, Privacy

Aditya KulkarniUndergraduate Research Assistant
(Now M.S. Student at Columbia University)

Machine learning, food image classification

Yanjun LyuVisiting Scholar
(Now Ph.D. Student at UT Arlington)

NLP, model compression, graph similarity search

Alison MenezesREU student (Summer 2023)
Kelsey MitchellUndergraduate Research Assistant
(Now at Raytheon Technologies)

Machine learning

Yifan ShanUndergraduate Research Assistant
(Now CS graduate student in Cornell Tech)

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing

Andy TrinhUndergraduate Research Assistant
(Now BAE Systems)

System, Machine learning

Kiera WolfeUndergraduate Research Assistant
(Now at Raytheon Technologies)

Machine Learning, Cloud computing